Mar 7, 2014

"Recorded by Jason Whittaker, at the very end of our European tour. The song was originally a country song written by Allen Reynolds, although I first heard it sung by Marianne Faithfull many years ago. I dedicated my version to my beautiful tour bandmates, Leah Harmon, Marcos Junquera and Xavi Muñoz. The gallery was packed that night, and many of my dear London friends were also present. Needless to say, I was an emotional wreck." - Dorian

Mar 4, 2014

Dorian Wood by Pablo Almansa
Madrid, January 2014

Behind-the-scenes footage broadcast on Canal 2 in Spain (26:25 min.):

Feb 24, 2014

X x España, 2014
Dorian Wood
Ink on paper

"Nuestra gira Europea comenzo en España. Tuvimos presentaciones en 10 ciudades españolas; la primera, Barcelona, y la final, Zaragoza, antes de entrar a Francia. Cada vez que nos montabamos a la furgoneta, sacaba mi cuaderno y con lapicero en la mano, dejaba que mi mano descansara sobre el papel. El movimiento natural de la furgoneta dictaba el resultado final. Llegabamos a la siguiente ciudad, y ese era el momento de levantar la mano y guardar el cuaderno."

"Our European tour commenced in Spain. We had shows in 10 Spanish cities; the first one, Barcelona, and the last one, Zaragoza, before we entered France. Each time we got on the tour van, I would pull out my sketchbook and with pen in hand, I would allow my hand to rest on the paper. The natural movement of the van dictated the final result. We would arrive at the next city, and that would be the time to lift my hand and put away my sketchbook."

Feb 22, 2014

Watch Dorian Wood’s spirited version of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”, performed at Botanique in Brussels, 11 February, 2014.

Official website:

Feb 15, 2014

2.14.14: And then…the end. My expectations were high for London. Sooo many friends live there. Also, the emotional cargo of five weeks of non-stop touring. And so it happened: a night of no-holds-barred intensity at Apiary Studios, in Hackney. The sweat flew and dripped mercilessly. A fiery version of “John the Revelator” with my brother Nathaniel Robin Mann and a cast of thousands. A version of “Dreaming My Dreams” that I dedicated to my beautiful band-mates and almost could not finish because of the weepies. The night was gloriously devoted to love and being in love with depression and everything. Drinks, laughing, more drinks, then a rock bar somewhere far-ish, then the passing out at 5am. And this morning, Leah and I bid farewell to Xavi and Marcos, our blessed, brilliant band-mates and brothers-4-life who left for Spain with our manager Edu and Ana, his special lady/management partner. Those are tears of all manner of emotions making my face so fucking shiny. But mostly gratitude. Dear, sweet gratitude. Holy fuck. What a ride.

Special thanks to Jose Luis Cuevas, Carlos Taberna and all the wonderful peeps who helped us, put up with us, gave us food, and came to our shows.

Here’s to the end of the beginning. Much love XOXOXOXOXO


Feb 15, 2014

2.13.14: Paris was pure delight at La Boule Noire. After an afternoon spent doing a video session and eating kebab(s) with Edu, we delivered a strong set. We invited the lovely French artist Nina Savary onstage to duet on “The Useless Servant”, a song in which she portrays God, and I portray St. Therese de Lisieux. It was a wonderful moment, and it was the first time we performed the song live since we recorded it for Rattle Rattle. Afterwards, I got to mingle with a sea of beautiful Paris-based friends who had come to the show, including my new friend, actor/model Matthieu Charneau. Late-night escargot and steak, drinks, friends, hotel. The following day, we would drive to London to perform our last show of the tour.



Feb 13, 2014

2.11.14: Sound-check at Botanique in Brussels. This place is unreal. Yes, that is a crocodile eating a snake. After sound-check, we ate snacks in the dressing room and lounged about. Hours later, we would deliver one of our favorite live performances to a packed house of almost 200 warm peeps. It was pure bliss. Photos of the actual concert were taken by Cutting Edge and can be viewed here.



Feb 12, 2014
Dorian Wood in Brussels, 12 February, 2014
T-shirt by Big Boy Vintage

Dorian Wood in Brussels, 12 February, 2014

T-shirt by Big Boy Vintage

Feb 11, 2014

2.10.14: One of the best-sounding venues I’ve ever played in, Mousonturm in Frankfurt. The complex is phenomenal. Our accommodations were in the actual complex; three adorable apartments, each one color-coded: white, orange and green (I chose the color of my skin…white). Everyone was super friendly, and after the show, I spoke with many beautiful peeps who had a lot of very frank things to say. There is no pussy-footin’ in Germany. You get the full-on truth every time, and that is a wonderful thing. Thank you for all the lovin’ truth, Germany! Today, we drive to Brussels. Only a couple more shows left after that. Sigh.



Feb 10, 2014

2.9.14: Tore shit up at Privatklub in Berlin. Amazing peeps (several of them dear friends!) gave us such a warm welcome, especially as we veered off our familiar territory into a sweat-tastic variation on “John the Revelator” interwoven with “Trouble of the World”. Bonkers. Afterwards, still at the club, I gave an impromptu, bizarrely revealing interview to a Costa Rican (!) radio station that may or may not be broadcast. The staff at Privatklub were very special and we love them very much. Following morning, after spending the night in a hotel/hostel that resembled a burned-down art complex (so fucking rad), we stopped by the wall remnants and realized that, as hard as we try, we simply cannot compete with One Direction. Then it was off to Frankfurt for our last German show.



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